Talky Blogs are back!

It’s been a minute (aka: a decade) since the heyday of my Talky Blogs.  Sorry.  I’ve been busy building a career, but, honestly?  I missed doing it.   I missed opening my life up to you all for a few minutes each day.  I missed creating something new each day.  And, most of all, I missed you stopping by each day to say, “Hello Ross!”

So they’re back.  Every weekday, I’ll post a lil’ something.  Nothing fancy – just a quick video showing a glimpse into my every day.  Come say hi if and when you can.  I’ll be here.





My inner clock is all screwy from traveling to Miami last week and,
ever since I returned home, I keep waking up in the middle of the
night and staring at the wall for a few hours.

Right now, for example, it's 3:21am and I've been up for almost an
hour while my family sleeps next to me and the rest of the world is
shut down until dawn.

I've never dealt with insomnia before. Any suggestions?

Home Sweet Home.

Well worth it.


Behind the scenes of my live shot!

Okay, so this kinda worked.

Earlier tonight as I was shooting my part of tonight’s episode of The Jay Leno Show via satellite from Miami to Burbank, I was broadcasting here LIVE with the use of my iPhone!
Crazy technology, right?!?
Well, it’s not perfect, but it kinda worked and I recorded it for those of you who missed it!
So here it is – it’s about 14 minutes long and in addition to watching and listening to the process my crew and I go through during these live shoots, you can hear the local NBC crew next to us taping their local news broadcast.
Here’s how it works – my crew and I have Jay Leno and the Burbank crew of the show in our ears and then suddenly they come to us and we’re live. Then we listen to the segment playing for the audience in the Burbank studio and then we’re live again saying goodbye to Jay and the audience. Make sense?
Since it was on my iPhone, the video freezes at one point, but the audio continues. It’s better than nothing and utterly fun & fascinating to watch (if you marvel at behind the scenes TV production like I do).
Enjoy! (Press the play button in the bottom left corner of the video player, otherwise it redirects you to another window and just gets confusing.)

Maybe LIVE?

I’m gonna try to be LIVE from time to time using my iPhone today while my “Leno” crew and I do our live shot back to Jay in Burbank from outside the Miami Dolphins Stadium in Miami!

Keep refreshing and pushing “play” to see if I’m LIVE here on – I hope this works!
If not, I’ll be posting pics and reading your comments!

Vanity Fair share.

I love Vanity Fair and always look forward to the photo spread in the annual Hollywood issue which is released around this time each year to correspond with Oscar buzz.

Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse into the making of this year’s issue.
Just thought I’d share…